Where is the stillness in your life?

I recently returned from a pastors and church leaders conference and the keynote speaker on the first night spoke of finding balance in ministry. For those of us who are in ministry we often speak about having a quiet time with God, we might even preach about having this quiet time with God. Sometimes though we don't always get to the point where we ourselves experience this quiet time with God. This isn't just a problem for pastors and church leaders though, this is a problem within our congregations and our communities. All around us there are "things" pulling and pushing and vying for our attention, some of them are good like daily devotions, some are merely distractions like social media ;) As I re-read and reflect upon Psalm 46 verse 10 reminds me that I am to "be still and know that [he] is God". You look around at the news, the media, the world around us sounds like everything might be crashing down and gas prices are still going up, but we as believers have our hope, our faith and our confidence in Jesus Christ and him alone. To be still and to know that he is God can be difficult but we need to slow down from that world around us. That might require unplugging from electronics and social media and going to a solitary place to be still and know that he is God. We often read in the gospels that Jesus had a regular habit of withdrawing to lonely places to be in prayer. If we as Christians are aspiring to be like Christ shouldn't we follow the patterns that he had in place for his life and ministry? I would challenge anyone reading this to take sometime to withdraw and just be still with God.

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