What season are you in?

Reading through Ecclesiastes 3 this morning, I'm thinking about the different seasons that we go through. Both in our spiritual life as well as in our physical lives. At times these seasons coincide with one another. We have days that everything is going well, we get up early and spend time with the Lord, its a beautiful day outside and it just seems that everything is going well. Other days it just seems as though nothing is going well, nothing we can do seems to change that. We all have our good days and our bad days but what our reaction is to those days and those seasons can make all the difference. King David tells us in Psalm 34 to praise the LORD at all times. No matter what season we may be going through the LORD is still on the throne and is still sovereign over all creation. We might be having one of those days or week where nothing seems to be going our way, but we can still find comfort in the LORD and bring praise to him. If we are having one of those days where everything seems to be going right we can delight in the LORD and give him the praise honor and glory that he is due.

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