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Are You Secure in the City?

As I reflect again this morning on the 46th Psalm the Lord speaks to me through verses five and six. In verse four we read how the city of God is made glad by the river. Then we see in verses five and six how the Lord dwells within the city of God and that because of the Lord she will not fall. At the break of day God helps her. The nations might be in turmoil, the kingdoms of the earth may be falling then the Lord lifts his voice and the earth itself melts.

We have experienced restless nights where we are unsure of what is coming, unsure of what the day might bring and this Psalm reminds us that the Lord is still on the throne of heaven and is our help in time of need. The church is often described as the bride of Christ, and as the body of believers we are a world wide community all with different jobs to do. As we go about these jobs and look around at the world we see nations crumbling, rising against one another, and various other calamities and tragedies around the world. We cannot focus our attention on the world around us though as we are mere pilgrims passing through this world on our way to the celestial city of God. God is our help, our refuge in times of trouble, and our strength. At the end of Psalm 46 verse 10 reminds us to "be still and know that I am God". May we be still before the Lord today.

Father may we never lose sight of you, our first love, may we not be like the Laodicean Church. May we be fully devoted to you and your call on our lives. May we be still in your presence no matter what is going on in the world around us.


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